Why LoveMyBook?

On average students will spend £720 a year on books and equipment.  Books alone can be up £500 – for example a Vet Science “starter pack” is around £300 for just 6 books! LoveMyBook is here to help you sell your loved books that you no longer need and buy the ones that you do! This can include textbooks, articles and workbooks so there is something for everyone, no matter what you are studying!


Why choose us?

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    Find a new home for your books

    Someone to love them as much as you did!

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    Save money by buying someone else’s book

    Give your book a new home that loves it.

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    Reduce the environmental impact

    Saves books going to landfill and trading locally saves the CO2 impact of shipping around the country.

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    Connect with like-minded people

    Find people local to you for quick and easy trading.

What type of books get traded?

All books! LoveMyBook takes books from all courses that can be traded between students no matter what or where you are studying!

The more local the better!


Non Fiction




How did LoveMyBook come about?

As students, finding the right textbook for each module is so important. The library might not always have it in stock, there is no online version available or, if you are like us, you prefer to always have the book to hand for when you are note-taking or revising. Instead of spending potentially hundreds of pounds on books throughout your degree, LoveMyBook is here to make you life easier and to save you money.

Interesting Fact

‘Bibliosmia’ is the word for those who love the smell of old books.

Looking for a specific book?

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