What is LoveMyBook?

LoveMyBook is a new app for university students to turn their unwanted books into cash and give them a new loving home! By having the app on their phone, they can easily upload books they no longer need and sell them, while also finding books they need for their courses!

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

Ernest Hemingway

(Ernie would have understood you wanting to find someone else to love your book!)

Why should you get involved with LoveMyBook?

1. Cheap
We will want to make LoveMyBook accessible for everyone studying all courses at university or higher education!

2. First access

Have first access to our book trading app once it launches to update your book collections.

3. Online
Join our online platform for updates, articles & insights into sustainable living.

4. Events
LoveMyBoook will keep you up to date on tutorials for how to use the app, what you can do to get involved and sustainable living events! Watch this space…

*Books and university equipment, on average, will cost £15 per week, or £60 per month (Times higher education)